Grenzübergreifende Aktivitäten - SLO und AUT

platform for interchange and cooperation


Neighbourhood in contact – connecting Slovenian and Styrian youth work.

To strengthen the connection and shape a lively youth work without borders – this is the wish of many partners in Slovenia and in the Austrian part of Styria. But often it lacks information, know-how or contact to the right partners.

Therefore our mission ist to act as agent and networking partner to foster the connection of youth work institutions and facilitate project cooperations.

If you would like to connect with an youth institution in either country, if you need information or if you are looking for a project partner, please feel free to contact us! We will try to find in collaboration with you the right way to play out your project.

Contact us here!


Below you can download a collection of youth work institutions in Styria and the northern part of Slovenia, that are interested in crossborder connections.

Externe Verknüpfung Download „catalogue of interested organisations and projects“

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Beiträge 1-7 von insgesamt 7